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What’s in the bag Monday

December 13, 2010

Argh!! I had planned on finishing so many more projects by this time of the year? Does anyone else experience this crafty frenzy as the year rips on by to a close?

The Lady Grey has been taking such a long time. In fairness, I had psyched myself out of the project a bit. All this talk of tailoring had me pretty nervous. I’ve slowly been pressing on though, and I’m discovering, this tailoring business is definitely what I would consider to be pretty seductive sewing. I’m absolutely loving the challenge!! Of course, the progress ties to a deadline, imposed by Mr Sippity- what would I do without his input on projects sometimes ?! 

As suggested, I made a tailors ham. Now I’d read about these things and wondered whether it was just getting a little too fancy, but they really are very handy!

Here’s a detail of the coat (missing horse hair canvas, which would be ideal, but I just don’t have)

I picked this book up for two pounds which has been great!

It has a nice range of tailoring tips, including how to complete a bound button. I would love to show you the practice run, as I can’t explain how much fun this was to make- truly! But the photo seems to have disapeared.

Also, I’ve been ‘twin’ crafting with Tracey, making some little presents to fit inside Christmas cards for knitting group folks. The robins are basically an applique stack with scrap wool from the lady  grey on the back, felt, then fused fabric.

I do hope your pre- christmas stitching is going to plan!



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  1. December 14, 2010 12:16 am

    Oh, how I love those little robins!

    The coat is looking amazing too.

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