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Looking swish little fish

December 6, 2010

This is the opening line of a poem me and my mate made up one day at school- it was a last minute effort on some english homework. I can’t really remember the rest of it, but it continued to uphold a similar level of literary brilliance throughout. She’s having a baby in the next few weeks. She is coincidently having an underwater themed nursery, so this line was fitting I think.

The decorated onesies was an activity planned for her baby shower, which sadly could not be home for. Some of the other concepts were just brilliant I thought….

One of her (older) sisters planned to make a onesie with a little cape and ‘super baby’ across the front. This relates to the time her sister put her on top of a cupboard when she was about two and told her to jump off, because she was ‘super baby’ and could fly.  

And another ordered transferable letters to make up an ‘I love Toto’ slogan…. tribute to her secretly favourite song of all time

Any way, here are mine.


Super easy to make:

– All the shapes were drawn to fit the size of a circle I’d traced ( a cup I think).

– I cut some thin fusible interfacing (using the circle template). 

–  I drew the creature shapes onto the fusible webbing and cut them out. Then fused webbing to desired fabric.

– Placed the fusible interfacing on the underside of the shirt and positioned the creature shape over the top. I ironed to fuse both the interfacing and fusible webbing in place using a gentle heat (because I have discovered that fusible interfacing can get pretty warped and dodgy on the cotton setting, unlike fusible webbing).

 – Using triple stitch, I stitched roughly 2mm from the edge of each shape and around each shape to secure it in place. You could also use raw edge applique, but I really like the neat look of triple stitch.

– Added features to the creatures using back stitch, running stitch and french knots. I would really recommend using some more light fusible interfacing if you plan on adding any text also. I didn’t and it makes the fabric look a bit squishy.

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  1. December 7, 2010 11:36 am

    They are beautiful, absolutley beautiful.

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