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Vintage Loveliness

October 20, 2010

This  week I have definitely re-discovered my love of knitting. This is despite frogging about six inches of work. Sharon from knitting explained that this is a term for ripping out lots of work- because if there was a sound made by all this ripping, it would be rip-rip-rip just like a frog. Thinking of a friendly little green frog only slightly puts a damper on wanting to have a mini melt down in knitting group though. In particular, I am obsessed with vintage knits. I have discovered a few handy sites that have free vintage knitting patterns:

Vintage Purls  have a lovely range of 1940’s to early 1950’s women’s patterns.

Free Knitted Sweater Patterns also have a wide range worth checking out.

The V&A also has a great selection of 40’s knits. This little lion is my absolute favourite!

Faded Splendour also have some truly amazing patterns, some as early as the 30’s. I think you have to join their mailing list, but it’s a small price to pay for thes beautiful patterns.

Glamarama has a carefully selected range more from the 50’s and 60’s

A Good Yarn also have a pretty amazing collection of early 20th century styles

Free Knitting Patterns is a facebook site that sources random free vintage knitting patterns around the net

After knitting a few of these, I think I will need a matching string of pearls (hint to husband). Anyway, these sites are handy, because it means I can slow down a bit on my extreme hoarding of vintage knitting patterns from charity shops. I’m sure those scheming charity shop ladies are already considering jacking the price up after I bought about 10 in one hit the other day. 

Scheming sounds horrible doesn’t it? As I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of the shops here seem to work to raise profits for their organisation rather than providing affordable clothing for those in need. I’m still coming to friendly terms with this concept 🙂 Is it just me, or does anyone else feel slightly cheated that charity shops now have a special ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ sections these days and charge accordingly?! It really takes the fun out of the hunt I think.

Happy stitching



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