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What’s in the bag Monday

October 18, 2010

These beautiful needles have been sitting on the corner of my desk for a few weeks now, begging to be used. As the (ehem, I’m pretty sure Mr Sippity has stopped reading my blog so I can mention this) collection of vintage knitting pattern keeps growing, I thought it would be time to get cracking.

And so I have started using them. They feel like such a treat to use (thanks again Kirsty xo).  They are lovely and soft, light, and don’t seem to split this wool so much as the metal ones. Most importantly, they’re much funkier than your average looking needle.

The colour is a little darker in the picture, but it is a beautiful beetrooty purple, with heavy hints of red. Thinking of which, I really miss just normal non-pickled beetroot.

And here’s the progress so far. It’s the back and I’m  just up to starting the shaping for the underarms. I am a bit nervous about using the patterns suggestions of knitting until a certain amount of inches have been created, so I will definitely be counting the number of rows and copying for the front. I am amazed, but my tension seems to have improved and is pretty ok so far, but it is oh-so early days yet for this cardi! Wool is Life DK, by Stylecraft and is 75% acrylic, 25% wool.


Also, have finished wearable muslin of the ever so popular coffee date pattern from Burda Style (just in time for a lunch date too, which was lovely). Recycled fabric again -the top is a pillow case and the bottom is an old nana skirt cut-up and modified. It was a pretty straightforward pattern in general. However a few changes made:

– Inverted proportions between bust and waist line so waist size is roughly one size smaller and bust one larger.

– The shoulder on the back of  the bodice was actually around half an inch larger than the front bodice shoulder.

(also, apologies for very shady photo- Mr Sippity was just not in photo shoot mode or mood this day)

As virtuous as I feel using recycled fabric for dress making, quiet honestly it’s not really doing it for me. The charity shops are a lot more expensive than in Australia for clothing and there are definitely limited cool sheet and pillow case supplies.

Am still tweaking away with adjustments to Lady Grey muslin. Am honestly a bit scared about finalising these and heading onto cutting the real thing. But I think the daily temperature drops are a good smack of reality re: need to hurry up.

I feel like I have so much to complete in the next little while before work starts (about two weeks apparently). So there will some serious list making going on!

Happy stitching


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