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Set-in sleeve

October 14, 2010

Dear Set-in Sleeve,

I dedicate this song to you.

Yes, it’s a little extreme, but today you are not my friend. It is our first time meeting, and perhaps the judgement is a little hasty, but I tried so hard to make it work! It was all going so well for the Lady Grey muslin…

The front was looking good, minus a lapel adjustment required to prevent gaping. The princess seams were a breeze, despite flash-backs to the  slightly traumatic wedding dress times with them.

The side was looking pretty good too (minus hunchback look created by the back seam- easy, nothing to sort in comparison to you, Set-In Sleeve).

And the back was also looking pretty reasonable, minus a little tweaking to side seams or possibly making the waist a wee bit higher.

Just as I thought the sewing gods were smiling upon me, along came you, Set-In Sleeve. You rustled my patience, to put it nicely, and I was not impressed. I tried so hard the first time…

The second time around on the other sleeve, I figured I could turn the slightly gathered edge over my fingers to promote a cup shape and paid very careful attention to even distribution of the easing. I basted oh so carefully. And paid extra attention when stitching, trying to manipulate the little wrinkles along the way.  But it just wasn’t enough. There were still one or two pesky little gathers.

Hopefully it is not forever, these hard feelings between us. Because I must remake you in wool next time, and that is definitely not looking as straightforward as calico. In fairness to you, a tailors ham as opposed to rolled up hand towel might help, but I fear the issues are deeper than that. I might have to make a few more mock-ups to ease you into submission.

Until next time.


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  1. October 15, 2010 1:03 am

    Oooh, it does look tricky. But will there be a bit more give in the wool, so it won’t pucker? I so admire you for going to such lengths and making a calico version first to test the pattern. Such patience!

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