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August 31, 2010

In the leed up to the weekend we were a little distracted by the noisy clutter of two-stroke engines as hundreds of vintage scooters passed our place for the annual scooter meet up on Isle of Wight. I’m not usually a fan of scooters, or at least I didn’t realise I was until checking them out…

This one bellow is on Ryde’s High Street

Next there was an expedition to London. This started with a wonder down Portobello Road to check out the markets and get some replacement linen from the Cloth Shop.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera in the excitement and last-minute rush to get to London 😦

Next was an expedition to Liberty with some lovely chicks originally from the ‘ville. This was simply overwhelming. I spent most time just stroking the silky cotton fabrics, and trying to lift my jaw off the floor. One of the girls had a gift voucher, which came in the form of two large golden coins in a little black drawstring bag. I wouldn’t want to spend these magical looking coins, which would make the whole indecision about the purchase worse. We spent ages trying to help her spend these, getting fabric for a dress she planned to make. And then there was afternoon tea…. the Liberty menu including descriptions of tea was so beautiful I wanted to read the whole lot like a book. Another highlight was the cakes which I think were supplied by the Hummingbird Bakery that I had seen earlier that day on Portobello Rd. Red Velvet cake- how’s that for enticing?

One of the girls I met with at Liberty had recently been to Pom Pom Rouge in Townsville and brought back a gift from Kirsty. They are made from Tasmanian Rosewood and are also super lite. How damned cute are they? I had kind of lost my knitting drive for a while but how can you not knit with needles like these??

The evening was spent on Brick Lane for diner. I’m really just name dropping here and proud to be off the monopoly board at this point. In my slightly inebriated/v. merry state on the tube trip home I decided to break London stereotypes and talk to every person sitting next to us. This friendly approach, I think, was pretty well received. 

We trundled off to the Carnival later on Sunday afternoon. Things were not looking good- as we tried to make our way through the massive crowd to get anywhere near the action there was a cold snap and the rain started to bucket down. The rain had almost cleared by the time we made it to a friend of a friend’s house on the Carnival route. We could feel the base from the floats and beat boxes in our chests and the extreme volume of all the music has been known to crack neighbouring windows on the second day of the Carnival, which is apparently even louder. The air was filled with smoke and spicy goodness from the stalls of Jamaican food and people were generally all pretty happy, dancing in the streets etc. It was a pretty amazing atmosphere.

And best of all, we’re heading back next weekend again. London’s really growing on me.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Bank weekend and the thoughts of summer drawing to a close is not too depressing.



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  1. August 31, 2010 12:00 pm

    A sweet girl like you after a couple of drinks – who wouldn’t chat with you??

  2. September 1, 2010 1:25 am

    Hello! Thank you so much for leaving such a lot of lovely comments on my blog. Now I’m going to have a browse through your posts.
    Enjoy the UK!

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